Cyber/Space Speakers Bureau

Changing the world one speech at a time

The mission of the Cyberspace/Space Expert Speakers Bureau is to connect world-class cyberspace and space experts one-on-one with audiences who want to understand the fundamental shifts that are occurring in these domains and why those shifts are important to them. We want to change the world one speech at a time so all of us can participate and shape how cyberspace and space affect society rather than simply watching those changes occur and wondering what it all means.

What Makes Us Different?

What makes the Cyberspace/Space Expert Speakers Bureau unique is the ability for our speakers to connect with audiences at a personal level and in ways that speak to their needs and interests.  There are few topics as technically complex as cyberspace and space. Our speakers are masters of the technology, but also expert in communicating in ways that are relevant to any group.

Speaker Diversity

The Cyberspace/Space Expert Speakers Bureau’s team of speakers represent a broad range of expertise and backgrounds in cyberspace and space, as well as in other important areas.   Our team is comprised of experts who are technologist and engineers, business leaders, futurists, military and government leaders, educators and trainers, and former policy makers.  In addition, our speakers bring value to audiences who may need to connect on topics that are by-products of our speakers experiences. Leadership, advancement of opportunities for women and minorities, organizational transformation, modern military operations, corporate risk, modern education models, and mentoring of young people and families are all examples of additional areas of expertise of our speakers.

What Motivates Us?

It’s simple.  Cyberspace and space present unfathomable opportunities to make our lives better, while at the same time presenting strategic risks to society.  Corporate competitiveness, international stability, military and economic security, community transformation, workforce of the future, privacy, and other critical topics now hinge on understanding opportunities and risks in cyberspace and space.  Our team’s passion is to fuel that understanding across a diverse group of audiences for the good of society and the security of our nation.